Our sincere gratitude to the Manager Staff and Customers of Waitrose and Partners for the substantial cheque of £433 from the green token scheme.
Without such people showing their very kind and generous support we could not continue the invaluable work.

Wednesday 16th August 2017, just 6 months into our project, we received our first substantial cheque for £1000 from the Albert Hunt Trust. 

As chairman of our  charity, I would like to convey from the trustees and myself, our sincere gratitude to this trust for having the confidence and believing in our organisations project.

ASDA Kinmel Bay green token scheme £200... this takes our 6 month interim running total to £35,967.75 ... WELL DONE ALL, KEEP IT COMING!

The Dwek Family Charitable Trust has enabled our charity to ensure that a Blind or Severely Sight Impaired person could independently prepare and pour drinks safely by purchasing  a years supply of invaluable Liquid level Indicators. We would like to  thank them for their very kind and generous donation of £450.

Sincere gratitude goes  to the Dixie Rose Findlay Charitable Trust for their fantastic donation of £3279. 

On the 12th January, 2018, our charity took a step forward into our adapted Caravan when we received a cheque for £750 from The Bernard Piggott Charitable Trust.

As Chairman of North Wales Accessible Holidays for Blind and Visually Impaired, I would like to convey our sincere gratitude for a cheque received on the 2nd December for the substantial sum of £2000 from the Gwendoline & Margaret Davies Charity.

On the 21st November 2017, North Wales Accessible Holidays for Blind and Visually Impaired received a substantial cheque for £500, which will enable us to purchase 2 invaluable pieces of equipment in terms of taking microwaves. This will ensure the beneficiaries will have the ability to prepare and cook a meal independently. This would not have been achievable without the very kind and generous donation from The Chrimes Family Trust Fund.

We would like to convey our sincere gratitude, to the RS Brownless Charitable Trust for their wonderful donation of £200 received on the 12th December 2017

On the 10th February 2018, we received a cheque for £250 from the Phillips family trust and extend our sincere thanks for their kind donation and support.  

The 5th March 2018 so our organisation receive a cheque from The Proven Family Trust of £300 for this we are extremely grateful.

On the 9th March 2018 we received the colossal sum of £15,000. Our sincere gratitude goes to The Truemark Trust. This as enabled our Charity to complete the Capital project and pay the remaining balance of £65,000 for our 14ft X 42ft Beaumont Static Caravan.

On behalf of our Trustees we would like to convey our sincere gratitude to The Treeside Trust as we received a wonderful cheque for £500 on the 15th March 2018.

On the 27th March, North Wales Accessible Holidays for Blind and Visually Impaired received a donation of £500 to assist with the funding of a sensory garden at our Caravan from The P B Dumbell Charitable Trust. It goes without saying how grateful we are to this trust for their very kind and generous donation.

We at 'North Wales Accessible Holidays For Blind & Visually Impaired' have just had some great news. we have been chosen for the Co-Op Local community fund from 12th November 2017 till 27th October 2018. It really is amazing in terms of just 12 months of registration how far our Charity has come. 

On Monday 15th May 2018, North Wales Accessible Holidays for Blind and Visually Impaired received a fantastic cheque for £6000 from The Ulverscroft Foundation. We would like to express our sincere gratitude.

Our sincere appreciation must go to The Wilmcote Charitrust for their kind donation of £500 that we received on the 23rd May 2018.

North Wales Accessible Holidays For blind and Visually Impaired received on Wednesday 6th June 2018 a substantial cheque for the sum of £4000 from The Greenhall Foundation. Our Chairman and Trustees would like to thank them very much for their generous donation.

A big thank you goes to The Leeds Building Society Foundation for their wonderful cheque of £1,000 to assist us towards adapted and accessible holidays for blind and visually impaired Adults and Children.


It’s just brilliant that the Co-Op group have the confidence in our project.  We would like to express our sincere gratitude for their continued support. Thank you. 

Hi Karen and Nigel 😊 hope you are doing fine. Just wanted to say we managed to buy for George talking microwave for £145. It’s brand new- someone was selling on the ebay. He is very happy and can’t stop to eat 🙈 He is loving prepare food for himself and even is trying more different types off food. His fave now is cheese on toast from microwave. He never in his life tried cheese 🙈 It’s another bonus of our holiday, thanks to you. ❤️ Now he is more independent and eats 😍